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With it’s production base, located in the East Industrial Zone of Rousse, STEELERS Constructions LTD specialize in manufacturing and assembling of various kinds of metal structures, tanks for storage of petroleum, chemical and other types of products, bridge constructions and equipments. We offer individual solutions for all market sectors where is active


Our production facilities in Rousse are equipped with machines for mechanical, gas and plasma cutting of plates and metal profiles, lifting machines and equipments as well as machines for machining, new generation of welding machines and all necessary tools and equipment, needed for our production.

Gas Oxygen Cutting

Mechanical Cutting


Blasting & Painting


P.O. 7009 |Ruse | Iztochna Promishlena Zona; ul. Industrialen Park N 27A | Bulgaria

+359 896 303 205

+359 887 637 734

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